Future Jobs?

My Hypothesis

Decreased demand of Medical physicians

Inaccuracy and bias has severe implications in medical field. AI will be free from these shortcoming, it could consider millions of variables before suggesting a diagnosis but we also have emotional expectations from doctors and automating diagnosis is a complicated and delicate problem

Trusted Brand like Apple, Google and Microsoft (in this order) are the companies that have the money to test such product and convince people to trust it. Apple Watch is already a sign of that

but this is going to take a decade as such product could also ruin their reputation so we will most likely see risky startups emerging in 2 to three years

Increased demand of psychiatrist

people are not going to immediately lose jobs but they will rather see increments and then they will loose their jobs, loss of purpose can be more common, mental is already a silent epidemic more so in western society.

Even if doesn’t shoot up it can’t go down, emotional intelligence is more complicated than general intelligence

Porn and gaming are going to be huge

Take monkeys, they are adapting, they work in teams, show social expectation, they distribute tasks, if they do good they are given higher status, what would they do when they get an ideal life, plenty of food and no short-term threat? They will stop working in teams, If there is nothing to eliminate the weak there will be more who will pretend to be weak but then few of them will find ways to exploit the weak, weak will feel threatened and if they fight even in the case they lose they have become stronger.

No matter how full filled our lives become the mechanism of competition rectifies the weak but the ratio of exploiters and survivors can be disproportionate

Is it possible that we will get bored of sex? could be, It is an unintelligent and vulnerable act but it is not going to fade away because of that but only when something could replace it, like it or not, gaming will be the new porn




Finding Magic.

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Arnav Zedian

Arnav Zedian

Finding Magic.

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